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President’s Message

Jeffrey Bird

Cowbridge Cricket Club President

Won’t be long now

The coming of spring has inspired poets, writers and television programme makers to eulogise over hosts of golden daffodils and chaffinches singing. Despite its great body of literature the game of cricket has rarely been used as a subject for the coming of better times. The English and indeed Welsh countryside has been a much greater attraction.

Yet amongst cricket folk there is an excitement when the early spring gives us a couple of warm days. 'Won't be long now' we whisper to each other in a hushed tone lest anyone suspects that we appear to be slightly mad by being overheard talking of the summer when they could have six inches of snow within a fortnight.

The little hints gradually become more common. You will not find a cricketer who does not get a frisson of excitement on seeing their first cut square of the year, a man on a roller or a notice in a pub giving the locals details of practice nights. And all this to the fanfare of the first blackbird singing after rain. As March arrives so the tell- tale signs are multiplying, 'won't be long now'.

And then the players begin to display their optimism. Not just content with playing the games, it's winning them that they start to believe is possible or even probable. Why should this not be the year to exceed all others? A year which will see a harvest of cups and shields. While commendable such thoughts are not often any more than castles in the sky. To win leagues teams need to have a number of strengths. The elders of the Cowbridge club know this, they, as do all retired cricketers. We were there once. We recognise the signs that tell them the momentum the club has produced over the past two or three years might carry them to make an assault on the summit that is Premier One. This is where the fixtures Cowbridge played up until the coming of league cricket in the 1 970's came. I am delighted our first game in the premier league is against Penarth, a fixture that began back in the 1920's.

And as the players chat as they take gentle nets you can be sure one will say to the other 'won't be long now,'

Jeffrey Bird - President